Livongo for Diabetes Program Generates Positive Clinical, Financial Outcomes

Disease Management Program Shows Significant Improvement in Diabetes Management, Increased Cost Savings

Mountain View, CA: August 17, 2016 – Livongo Health, the leading consumer digital health company focused on improving care for chronic conditions, released new outcomes information demonstrating positive clinical improvements and potential financial savings for organizations using the Livongo for Diabetes program. The full findings were unveiled in the company’s recently published Clinical and Financial Outcomes Report.

Unlike traditional disease management programs, Livongo for Diabetes uses bite-sized personal contextual and clinical data to drive behavior change, empowering people to better manage their diabetes. By combining the latest connected technology with real-time, personalized support and live coaching, people with diabetes are able to improve outcomes and organizations can reduce the cost of delivering care.

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), the target range for blood glucose is 80-180 mg/dL. After just 30 days of use, Livongo members were more likely to remain within that target range and achieved sustained improvement over the course of a year.

“Managing a chronic condition is a time-consuming and costly endeavor. Livongo reduces that burden for those of us living with diabetes by offering this technology and support to members, enabling them to spend more time in the safe zone,” said Dr. Jennifer Schneider, Chief Medical Officer of Livongo Health. “Our outcomes illustrate that providing individuals with the right level of information and support at the right time not only improves their ability to manage their own health, but reduces the associated healthcare costs for everyone involved.”

Livongo members demonstrated a reduction in HbA1c, a common test used to measure blood glucose over three months and an important indicator of how well blood glucose has been managed. The mean HbA1c for Livongo members decreased from 8.0% at registration to 7.1% after three months of use, with a sustained reduction of 7.0% at 180 days. This substantial improvement reduces the likelihood of long-term complications such as kidney failure, blindness, heart attacks, and strokes, vastly improving quality of life and generating cost savings for individuals with diabetes.

Diabetes accounts for $245 billion of the annual healthcare spend in the United States, and people with diabetes spend an estimated $7,900 annually on diabetes-specific costs. This reduction is significant, as studies have shown that just a one-point reduction in HbA1c yields substantial cost savings. For Livongo members, this estimated cost savings amounts to $73 to $99 per month.

A growing number of the country’s most progressive Fortune 50 companies, health systems, and health plans offer the Livongo for Diabetes program, with tens of thousands of people with diabetes enrolled.


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Livongo is the leading consumer digital health company that empowers people with chronic conditions to live a better life. We have developed a completely new approach for diabetes management that combines the latest technology with coaching. By offering the right information, tools, and support, at the right time, we provide our members with real-time, personalized insights and support to make diabetes management easier. Our approach is leading to better financial and clinical outcomes while also creating a better experience for people with diabetes and their care team of family, friends, and medical professionals. For more information visit:

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