Sure, we know exercise is good for us. It helps you lose weight, sleep better, and keep your heart healthy. But sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. That’s our why our team of fitness experts have put together some workout routines for people who are just starting out.

These are easy, low-impact exercises to strengthen your body. Talk to your doctor before you try any new form of physical activity. If these exercises are safe for you, try them 2-3 times a week for the next month.


Week 1 Routine

  • You’ll start off with the basics: arm circles, bird dog poses, and squats.

Week 2 Routine

  • Build on those first exercises and kick it up a notch with tricep dips and bridges.

Week 3 Routine

  • Add to your routine and challenge yourself with forward lunges and modified push ups.

Week 4 Routine

  • Finish strong with all these past exercises, plus planks and down dog poses.


After a full month of these exercises, you may notice your body feels stronger and more energized! Once you master these routines, you can try our intermediate exercise routines