Q: What is Livongo?
Livongo offers a whole person platform that empowers people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives. We use advanced technology, personalized recommendations, and realtime communication to provide you with the right information and support. This combination helps you take the right actions to improve your health in easy and simple ways.

Q: Is Livongo right for me?
 Livongo can help make it easier to live a healthier life and to manage your condition(s), giving you support, tools, and feedback when you need them most. If this sounds good and you qualify, Livongo is for you!

Q: Is this really no additional cost for me? How can that be?
Yes! Livongo is available at no additional cost to you. Even shipping is included! We can do this because your employer completely pays for the program on your behalf. You are not billed anything for joining Livongo.

Q: Who can join?
Call us at (800) 945-4355 if you have questions about eligibility.

Q: How do I enroll?
Please contact your HR or benefits department for more information on when registration for Livongo will open.

Q: Do I need to enroll in all programs or can I choose just one?
You can sign up for just one or as many programs as you’re eligible for. If you start with one Livongo program, you can always add on another program when you feel ready.

Q: What happens after I enroll?
After you enroll, we’ll verify your eligibility in the program(s) you signed up for and then send you an email with information about the next steps to making the most out of your Livongo membership. It’s easy and always provided at no cost to you whatsoever! If you sign up for Livongo for Behavioral Health, you will be prompted to download the mobile app so you can start reaping the benefits right away. After your eligibility is confirmed, we’ll mail you a Welcome Kit for your program(s). Your Welcome Kit will include your connected device(s) and access to the Livongo mobile app and member website my.livongo.com, where you can personalize the program, reach out to your expert coach, and access your readings.

Q: Can I cancel my membership?
Yes, you can cancel at any time for any reason. To cancel any program, just call Livongo at (800) 945-4355 or email help@livongo.com.

Q: Do I need to download the mobile app?
We do ask that you download the app so you can get the most out of Livongo, including easy tracking, personalized tips, all of your data in one place, and more.

Q: Will my information be safe and confidential?
Yes, we take your privacy very seriously. You can view our full privacy statement by visiting https://content.livongo.com/docs/privacy_practices.pdf.

Q: How often will I receive communications from Livongo and how can I adjust the frequency or opt out? Frequency varies depending on the preferences you’ve set for your account. You can customize the frequency and method of communication, or even opt out of communications, by logging into your account at my.livongo.com.

Q: What kind of credentials does my Livongo coach carry?
Livongo coaches are trained to focus on providing personalized support based on what our members need. All are Certified Diabetes Educators credentialed by the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators (NCBDE).

Q: What is Livongo for Diabetes? 

The Livongo for Diabetes Program helps make living with diabetes easier by providing you with a connected meter, [unlimited] strips, and coaching.

Q: My doctor says I have prediabetes or am at risk of developing diabetes. Is Livongo for Diabetes a good fit for me?
No, Livongo for Diabetes is designed to support individuals diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Q: Does unlimited strips really mean unlimited?
Yes! No matter if you check once a week or once per hour, with Livongo, you receive all the strips and lancets you need at no additional cost to you.

Q: What is Livongo for Hypertension?
The Livongo for Hypertension Program helps make living with high blood pressure easier by providing you with a connected blood pressure monitor, personalized insights, and expert coaching when you want it.

Q: How do you know my blood pressure cuff size?
The included cuff fits most arm sizes: 8.6-16.5 inches (22-42 centimeters). Need a bigger cuff? Our Member Support team is happy to assist at (800) 945-4355 if you have questions regarding cuff sizes.

Q: Is it hard to take your own blood pressure?
Not at all. Your cuff comes with a guide to help you get started. If you’re having any trouble, you can call Member Support at (800) 945-4355 so we can help walk you through it.

Q: How do I know the readings are accurate?
The Livongo blood pressure monitor has been validated by an independent organization. Measurements taken with this device are considered equivalent to those obtained by a trained healthcare provider using the gold standard method, cuff and stethoscope auscultation.

Q: What’s Livongo Weight Management?
Livongo Weight Management is a healthy lifestyle change program that helps you manage your weight.

Q: What’s Healthy Living and Diabetes Prevention?
Healthy Living and Diabetes Prevention is Livongo’s CDC-certified diabetes prevention program (DPP), also known as Diabetes Prevention Program. It is a healthy lifestyle change program that helps you lose weight and prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Q: What’s the difference between Weight Management and Diabetes Prevention (DPP)?
Livongo’s Weight Management and DPP programs are very similar. In both programs, you receive:
• A smart scale
• A mobile app to track weight loss
• 1:1 coaching 

Healthy Living + Diabetes Prevention (DPP) offers curriculum certified by the CDC, whereas Weight Management offers Livongo challenges and healthy habit guidance.

Q: My doctor never diagnosed me with prediabetes. Can I still see if I qualify?
Yes, based on the questions you answer while registering, you might qualify for DPP.