Today, we are featuring Eileen. Her husband works at a large retail company through which she has access to Livongo. She stays at home, taking care of her dogs and her mother, who lives with stage 4 COPD. She loves to read and write, and she is into music — “all music,” she said to us, but she clarified that her favorite band was Jane’s Addiction. This is her story.

Livongo: When were you diagnosed? What crossed your mind when you were told about it?

Eileen: About 2 years ago, a week after my mom was also diagnosed with diabetes. I kind of knew it was coming, and I got really depressed. I was down for a couple of weeks. The diagnosis was like getting a HUGE bucket of ice-cold water dumped on my head.

Then, I started to realize that this was the best thing that could happen to me. Today, I count carbs every day. I am responsible for what I eat and how much I eat. In a way, getting the diagnosis saved my life.

Livongo: What is the hardest thing about living with your condition?

Eileen: The hardest thing is people not understanding what diabetes means. If they see me with a treat of some kind, they jump in and say, “Are you supposed to eat that?” I think a small treat here and there keeps me from overeating other things. Also, people judge me because I am obese. They assume that I did this to myself, when it’s not the case.

Diabetes will never go away: I will always be counting my carbs and checking my blood sugar. Diabetes is always going to be with me and that is hard.

Livongo: Was there a moment when you decided things needed to change? Describe this point in time.

Eileen: About 3 weeks after being diagnosed, I was talking with my mom. I realized that I had diabetes, but it doesn’t have to mean I am sick all the time. I have consistently lost weight since I was diagnosed. My life changed when I decided to take things seriously.
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Livongo: When you first heard of the Livongo program, what appealed to you about it?

Eileen: I have been a Livongo member almost since I got diagnosed. You guys contacted me and let me know that it was covered by our insurance. “Right on!” I said. Livongo took away a lot of my fear to make a mistake, to do something wrong. It became a part of my daily routine. It helps me take better care of myself, not just diabetes, but an active part of my personal life.

Livongo: What are your favorite things about the Livongo program and why?

Eileen: I love the fact that there are coaches: Someone is there when I need them. In healthcare, you don’t usually get that direct help when you need it. It makes me unafraid to share things I am experiencing, very much like having a coach in your pocket. Livongo also gives me little bits of “good job!” and “way to go!” Though it may sound silly, it motivates me. I also love how, if my blood glucose is high, it gives me a few reasons for what it could be due to. It makes me aware of what’s going on immediately. It makes me feel not alone.
Livongo: What do you wish the Livongo program did that it currently doesn’t do for you?

Eileen: Tracking my food in the app … wait, that’s been added! [This functionality was recently added to the Livongo app.] I had been using two other apps to do this, now that means I don’t have to use more apps.

Livongo: What is life like today? Where do you see your life going from here?
Eileen: Livongo has taken the fear out of my disease. Life today is good: My A1c is 6.2%, I have been losing weight nice and slowly, learning to eat things I hadn’t tried before, and learning how to combat dry skin. I am happy. I have taken ownership of my diabetes. My dream: Keep on making better food choices to get my A1c to the point where my doctor agrees to take me off Metformin.
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