At a health conference, attendees got some unusual swag: Glucometers to monitor their blood sugar

CNBC featured Livongo’s SIGNUM conference.

March 2, 2019 by: Christina Farr

Livongo, a San Francisco start-up that sells tools to employers to help them manage the health of their workers with diabetes and other chronic conditions, hosted its first conference on Thursday.

The event was similar to most conferences, with a mix of panels and networking events. But it did offer up some very unusual swag. Rather than a start-up tee or a branded mug, attendees got to wear a glucometer for the day.

The company had a station set up on site. After attendees signed up, doctors and health coaches hooked them up with a patch that continuously monitored their blood sugar via tiny needles that pierce the skin. The device was the FreeStyle Libre Pro from Abbott, a medical device company that Livongo has been partnered with since 2018.

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