Beyond the hospital walls: Moving care forward by focusing on connected health

HealthcareIT News features Livongo Chief Commercial Officer, Jim Pursley.

October 18, 2017 by: Lenovo Health

The key to successfully sustaining a bedless hospital lies in “incentivizing the behavior changes that will sustain the residents of the community toward wellness,” Shrestha said.  To do so requires “leveraging some of the principles of design thinking and engaging end-users. It is really important to engage them in the design of the solution before a single line of code is even written,” he added.

Such efforts could help to more precisely meet consumers’ needs. For example, by working closely with chronic care patients, leaders at Livongo have discovered these patients actually “hate dealing with their diseases” and don’t necessarily want to engage more. Instead, they want to “engage less and experience better health,” said Jim Pursley, chief commercial officer at Livongo.

To this end, the company is re-engineering chronic condition management to elegantly integrate everything patients need into an experience they will love – which requires providing patients with the optimal level of engagement.

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