From Cigna to Livongo

A note from Michael Sturmer, SVP of Health Services Segment at Livongo:

I joined Livongo as SVP of the Health Services Segment, defined as health plans, integrated delivery networks, and risk bearing organizations, to bring a complete digital health experience to the country.   Our initial focus will continue to be on people with diabetes. I spent 15 years at CIGNA, most recently as Chief Operating Officer for Cigna’s NY/NJ health plan. In that capacity, I engaged with Livongo and saw a mission-driven company providing an experience for customers, addressing the hassle of living with diabetes,  and enabling people to live their lives on the go. Livongo took the time to understand the challenges, appreciated the complexity of the problem, and built a solution that was simple for customers.

The opportunity for all of us is to bring this experience to every client and every segment.  We need to move forward from the early courageous adopters and into the heart of our countries workforces (smaller ASO employers, Taft Hartley, Federal/State/Local government, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid) where the prevalence rates of diabetes are significantly higher.

To accomplish this we will continue to do the hard work to create a complete experience for our mutual customers. We also understand the model has to make sense for the health plan, value based providers and other partners in the ecosystem.  That is why we have enabled a simplified billing process, connectivity into care coordinators, and an easy enrollment process. You should challenge us and expect us to continue to enhance the experience with you and your partners on behalf of our customers.

We have an amazing opportunity to bring a “well-care” system of virtual care to our collective customers and clients.  At Livongo we believe it takes all of us pulling in the same direction to change the lives of our customers.  Together we can move the health care system from being focused on how to get the customer to engage, to a system that has changed and adapted to enhance the customer’s life.

I am excited to have joined Livongo.  I am looking forward to working together to jointly improve the lives of people living with chronic conditions.