Livongo Focuses on Government and Labor Segment with Proven Executive

Mountain View, CA (Dec. 27, 2018) – Livongo Health, the pioneer in Applied Health Signals empowering people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives, today announced the appointment of Randy Forman to lead Livongo’s newly established Government and Labor Division.

Forman returns to Livongo after a brief time at Vida Health, where he served as Chief Commercial Officer. He rejoins Livongo to build the commercial and operational strategy and expand Livongo’s solutions more rapidly with government and labor organizations.

“Randy is a seasoned sales leader who was instrumental in advancing Livongo’s early commercial growth,” said Jim Pursley, Chief Commercial Officer of Livongo. “It is great to have him back to expand Livongo’s presence with government and labor organizations and to help them better care for their people who are living with chronic conditions.”

Forman has held a number of leadership roles at Livongo, and other health tech organizations, where he has built high-performing commercial teams that drive transformation at scale.

“This market desperately wants and needs a single solution that makes it easier for their people who are living with chronic conditions to stay healthy while reducing overall healthcare spend,” Forman said. “I am extremely excited to rejoin Livongo, as we continue to grow this area of the business and empower more government employees and labor workers to live the life they want.”

The Federal Government manages insurance benefits for more than eight million Federal employees, retirees, and their families and labor organizations serve nearly 15 million people across the U.S. The American Foreign Service Protective Association (AFSPA) is among the groups that have already implemented Livongo in the past year.

“We needed a solution to meet our members where they are, something easy and interactive, which would enable individual members to manage their health and enable us to manage population health and costs,” said Kyle Longton, Chief Operating Officer, AFSPA. “As one of our most popular programs to date, Livongo is already delivering these outcomes and helping our population to better serve the American people.”