Nearly 150 Million Americans Have a Chronic Disease. This Startup–and Its Reams of Data–Can Help

Inc. Magazine featured how Livongo leverages data to power its AI+AI engine and ultimately make it easier for Livongo Members to stay healthy.

April 24, 2019 by: Bill Saporito

In a perfect world, says Glen Tullman, the co-founder of Livongo, digitally based health care services like his would operate the way Netflix or Amazon does: deliver on demand, and use data analytics to anticipate what’s needed and improve customer service. “When we ask people about their diabetes or hypertension, they say, ‘We just want to live our lives. Make it go away,’ ” says Tullman, whose son has diabetes.

A worthy goal for Livongo, maker of a blood-glucose meter that’s used by 120,000 diabetes patients to instantly upload their blood sugar data to Livongo’s analytic engine. Livongo has also introduced a cellphone-enabled, cuff-to-cloud blood-pressure device for people with hypertension, as well as a wireless-enabled scale.

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