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San Francisco, CA | February 28, 2019

A New Era In Healthcare
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There’s a mindset, a different perspective, to help me make the change permanent.

- Riley Zahm

“We are at a moment in healthcare where people are willing to try anything, because they are so frustrated. We have to ask, how can we empower people?“

- Glen Tullman

Opening Remarks
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Glen Tullman, Executive Chairman, Livongo
Noise in Healthcare is Skyrocketing
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Aneesh Chopra, President, CareJourney

“Part of the challenge with noise, is that even when we have the information, we may not actually be able to act on that information. We need to put the power into the hands of the consumer.“

- Aneesh Chopra

“Companies are obsessed with accumulating as much data as possible…the problem is, they’re not really getting anything out of all this data, they’re just kind of drowning in it. Instead, it’s about asking the right question to collect the right data.“

- Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

Decoding Data to Give It Purpose
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Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, NYT Best-Selling Author, Everybody Lies
Naomi Allen, Chief Growth Officer, Livongo
Unscaling to Deliver Health Signals that are Actionable, Personalized & Timely
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Hemant Taneja, Managing Director, General Catalyst
Matthew Holt, President, & THCB
Glen Tullman, Executive Chairman, Livongo

“When you think about what has happened with the digitization of the healthcare system, every one of our healthcare providers has become less productive and they’ve had to hire more people. It’s the antithesis of what technology does. To me the consumer mindset and the right way of using technology is what’s missing.“

- Hemant Taneja

“The current system doesn’t really respect individuals…it’s not a medical journey. It’s a life journey that they’re on. We need to start with them and be curious about their lives. They’re human beings and we have the opportunity to serve them.“

- Mark Ganz

Redefining Payor and Provider Roles to Silence Noisy Healthcare
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Glen Tullman, Executive Chairman, Livongo
Mark Ganz, CEO, Cambia Health Solutions
Dr. Stephen Klasko, President and CEO,
Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health