If I stay as healthy as I can be, then I can do the one thing that I love more than anything, which is my music. WILLIAM MCLEOD Livongo Member

William McLeod

His passion is singing and inspiring others, and he uses Livongo to stay one step ahead of his diabetes.

How long have you been singing?

It started when I was born. I like to tell people that when the doctors slapped my rear end, it wasn’t a cry that came out of me, it was a C note. I’ve been singing all my life. As a child I was considered the Sammy Davis Jr. of my family. I sang, I danced, I told jokes and did impressions. As I have gone through the years, I have had the opportunity to sing with Patti Labelle and Yolanda Adams.

When did you first find out you had diabetes?

When I found out that I had diabetes, I considered myself to be a pretty healthy person. It was during a walk after lunch at work that I found out there was an issue. I was walking with a co-worker, and I became dizzy, short of breath, and stopped to bend over to collect myself. I had to sit down and wait for medical attention. As a result, I was sent to the local hospital. They could see that my blood sugar was elevated. That led to me finding out that I had type 2 diabetes.

William McLeod
What were your first thoughts when hearing your diagnosis?

My mom had diabetes so it wasn’t a surprise when the doctor told me I had diabetes, but it was a shock. You never want to be told you have a chronic condition.

What is the hardest part of living with your condition?

The hardest part of living with this condition is knowing I have it, wanting to be free of it and failing in my attempts to control myself enough to yield the kind of results promised in all the literature about diabetes management. I guess it’s called, “being human.”

Why did you decide to enroll in the Livongo program?

When you’re told you have diabetes, there isn’t a lot of support from your insurance company or from your doctor. I stumbled around for years not really knowing how to treat it, not getting great advice - just “go on insulin” consistently. Even though I was on medications, I didn’t take full control of the things that I could do, such as exercise and diet. One day, my A1C was 8.9. The doctor finally said, “I really do think you need to be on insulin.” I thought there could be and should be a better means of management and that was the same moment when Livongo came into my life. I asked for one last chance from my doctor with this new program.

William McLeod
William rehearses with choir ensemble members Maya Jeffries, Alexis Jackson, Tyese Battle, and Troy Bright.
You never want to be told you have a chronic condition.

How do you feel physically now that your blood sugar levels are consistent?

I’m feeling good. Getting better control over my disease improves me in my whole physicality. My brain is better. My heart’s going to be better. The organs within me, they’re all going to function better than they ever have. You know what that’s going to give me the ability to do? Continue to sing.

What motivates you to stay healthy?

I’m motivated by my goal to get off the medications I take to manage my diabetes. I don’t want to be plagued with this disease any longer than I have to be and since Livongo works, I know it will help me reach my goal. If I stay as healthy as I can be, then I can do the one thing that I love more than anything, which is my music.

My Diabetes Journey
Why I’m Grateful

Since You’ve Asked, I’d Like To Share
Exactly How I Feel
Bout How The Livongo Meter I Use
Have Helped Me Keep It Real

Each Time I Test, Up To The Cloud
Is Where My Readings Go
Straight To My Counselor’s Viewing Eye
So That She Too Will Know

You See, This Keeps Me Honest
Oh Yes, This Keeps Me True
For I Know, That If I’m Not
Tobi Smithson Will Know It Too

That’s The Power of Livongo
Why I Improved My A1C
For It’s Easy To Keep My Eye On It
Because Someone Is Watching Me

William rehearses with choir ensemble members Jennifer Bell, Maya Jeffries, and Alexis Jackson.

What changes have you seen since the beginning of your Livongo journey?

At the beginning of my journey, my A1c was 8.9 and probably on the rise if I didn’t do anything about it. In the first three months after joining Livongo, my A1c came down to 6.9 by following the plan and listening to the directions offered by my health coach. I lost a little bit of weight. I was weighing approximately 180 and that fell to 173. I incorporated some exercise activity into my daily routine, nothing strenuous, just some walking and dancing.

How does Livongo make it easier to stay on track with managing your health?

Livongo makes it possible to receive test strips and lancets just by the push of a button. When I test, the results can be immediately retrieved by my health coach. I might be a month away from seeing my doctor, but I’m only minutes away from hearing from Livongo. It comes down to knowing that someone is watching me that closely and regularly. It makes me stay where I need to be and keep track of what I’m supposed to be doing a lot better than I have done in the 18 years I’ve had diabetes. They give me great advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes to keep me as healthy as possible. It’s helped me move my results to a place where I’m on track to get rid of some of the medication that I’m on.

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