Empowering people with chronic conditions to live a better life.

We make diabetes management easier
so our members can live the life they want.

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A New Approach

At Livongo we’re introducing people with diabetes to a completely new way to manage diabetes that combines the latest technology with coaching.

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The Latest Technology

The Livongo connected meter uses cellular technology to automatically upload member readings and provide them with real-time personalized insights.

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Coaching Anytime and Anywhere

Livongo provides personalized support through our meter, mobile app, and coaches to help members make better decisions about diabetes management.


An Experience Members Love

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Livongo is a program that can help you get to know your body so that you can control your diabetes. SCOTT MILLER, LIVONGO MEMBER

Member Confidence

Livongo provides information and support so our members can more confidently manage their diabetes.

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Using this program has made me feel safe because everything is right at my fingertips. JOYCE PERRY, LIVONGO MEMBER

Member Satisfaction

Our members have a positive experience while on the Livongo for Diabetes program.

Offered by leading employers and health organizations

Livongo members come from top employers and healthcare organizations including:

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