Our personalized programs make it easier to manage your health—all paid for by your employer or health plan.We think you’ll love it.

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Diabetes Management

Reduce your costs with free unlimited supplies delivered right to your door, plus a connected meter that provides a clear view into your numbers and 24/7 live support for managing out-of-range readings.

  • Connected Meter
  • Unlimited Strips
  • Expert Coaching
  • Custom Alerts

High Blood Pressure

See all your readings in one place, get personalized tips after every check, share reports with your care team and work toward your goals with help from our expert coaches.

  • Connected Monitor
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Shareable Reports
  • Expert Coaching

Weight Management

Small changes can make a big difference! Lose weight, learn smart strategies for a healthier lifestyle and create better habits.

  • Expert Coaching
  • Smart Scale
  • Progress Reports

Diabetes Prevention

A combination of personalized digital and live coaching with smart technologies support you every step of the way in reaching your goals.

  • Expert Coaching
  • Smart Scale
  • Progress Reports
  • Personalized Lessons for Healthier Habits

Behavioral Health

Find clinically credible resources for nurturing your mind, body and spirit. Build coping mechanisms and resilience for dealing with anxiety, stress, sleep, addiction and more.

  • Interactive Programs
  • Customized Tracking Tools
  • Expert Coaching

Nuestros programas personalizados, todos pagados por sus empleadores o por su plan de seguro médico, le facilitan el manejo de su salud. Creemos que le encantarán.

Encuentre el programa correcto.

Manejo de la diabetes

Reduzca sus costos con una cantidad ilimitada de tiras de prueba y lancetas enviadas directamente a su hogar, más un medidor conectado que proporciona una perspectiva clara de sus valores y asistencia en vivo las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana, para manejar los valores fuera del rango deseado.

  • Medidor conectado B28
  • Tiras de prueba ilimitadas
  • Consultas con mentores expertos en salud
  • Alertas personalizadas

Presión arterial alta

Vea todos sus valores en un solo sitio, reciba consejos personalizados después de cada chequeo, comparta sus informes con su equipo médico y avance hacia sus metas con la ayuda de nuestros mentores expertos en salud.

  • Monitor conectado
  • Comentarios en tiempo real
  • Informes que pueden compartirse
  • Consultas con mentores expertos en salud

Manejo del peso

¡Un pequeño cambio puede generar una gran diferencia! Pierda peso, aprenda estrategias inteligentes para un estilo de vida más sano y cree mejores hábitos.

  • Consultas con mentores expertos en salud
  • Balanza inteligente
  • Informes de avances

Prevención de la diabetes

Una combinación de consultas personalizadas, digitales y en vivo, que incorporan tecnologías inteligentes para ayudarle a alcanzar sus metas a cada paso del camino.

  • Consultas con mentores expertos en salud
  • Balanza inteligente
  • Informes de avances
  • Lecciones personalizadas para tener hábitos más saludables

Salud del comportamiento

Encuentre recursos confiables desde el punto de vista clínico para enriquecer su mente, su cuerpo y su espíritu. Aumente los mecanismos de superación y la resiliencia para enfrentar la ansiedad, el estrés, los problemas de sueño, las adicciones, y más.

  • Programas interactivos
  • Herramientas de seguimiento personalizadas
  • Consultas con mentores expertos en salud
Putting our Members First

Our programs are built with a deep understanding of what it's like to be one of the 147 million Americans living with one or more chronic conditions.

Kevin F.

“I’ll tell you what. Livongo saved my life because I would have given up a while ago. And that is the honest truth. I have goosebumps right now.”

  • “I now know what I need to do to manage my diabetes better so I can be around my kids.”

    Chris—living with diabetes
  • “I now start and end my day with the information I need to successfully approach my diabetes.”

    Shawn—living with diabetes and hypertension
  • “I’ve had so many successes — with losing weight, incorporating much more exercise into my life. I absolutely love it.”

    Sandy—living with diabetes
  • “I feel a lot more energetic now, so definitely, I believe my health has changed dramatically.”

    Marquisha—living with diabetes
  • “If I stay as healthy as I can be, then I can do the one thing that I love more than anything, which is my music.”

    William—living with diabetes
  • “It’s great to have a free resource like this and know that you have people that will help you if you need it.”

    Maryanne—living with diabetes and hypertension

*The testimonials, statements, and opinions presented are applicable to the individuals depicted. Each member’s exact results and experience will be unique and individual to each member. The testimonials are voluntarily provided and are not paid.

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