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Introducing Applied Health Signals

Livongo is silencing Noisy Healthcare. We eliminate Noisy Healthcare’s confusion, complexity and costliness to empower all people with chronic conditions. We do this by applying data science, behavior enablement and clinical impact through our Applied Health Signals engine, called AI+AI.

The New Era of Applied Health Signals Video
The New Era of Applied Health Signals
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AI+AI: The Applied Health Signals Engine

At the heart of Livongo's Applied Health Signal solution is a core set of technologies and capabilities called AI+AI: Aggregate, Interpret, Apply and Iterate. These are the four pillars of the Applied Health Signals engine. (Only companies who deliver excellence on all 4 pillars are truly AHS companies.)

Today Livongo joins dozens of data sets together and combines them with the signals from our own Livongo devices, coaches, and web assets, to extract the drivers of behavior change. We then deliver actionable, personalized and timely recommendations through a broad set of applications to our members. All this is done in AI+AI.

AI+AI: Applied Health Signals Engine

The core of Applied Health Signals is four capabilities called AI+AI. AI+AI stands for Aggregate, Interpret, Apply and Iterate. These pillars work together to deliver actionable, personalized and timely signals for members and the healthcare ecosystem.

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There are many ways that signals come into Livongo (health data sets, health devices, applications, claims data). All of these data get Aggregated into the AI+AI Engine where we create a unique set of Livongo health signals.


Livongo’s data scientists, behavior specialists and clinicians work together to interpret health signals and create unique signal combinations to support behavior change. This includes determining the most relevant timing, applications, messages, and support for an individual.


In Apply, we are delivering the most impactful health signal via the most useful channel to the right person at the right time. Applications include Livongo’s devices, coaching, apps, SMS/text, voice, and other modalities as well as partners’ applications.


As we apply health signals, we constantly iterate on what is valuable to enable optimal behavior. This real-time iteration makes each subsequent interaction higher value and higher impact.

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The Era of Applied Health Signals Manifesto & AI+AI Whitepaper

Curious to learn how Livongo’s Applied Health Signals solution can silence Noisy Healthcare and benefit your organization? Read the Era of Applied Health Signals, a manifesto for the healthcare industry and the businesses providing healthcare benefits for their employees.

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