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Livongo - Getting Started HPHS

We’ve partnered with the leading health plans and some of the most innovative health systems to launch Livongo.

Millions of Covered Lives

Through 4 of the top National Health Plans and Innovative Health Systems

Mount Sinai Jefferson UMASS Umiversity of Massachusetts Medical School Mission Health BJC
Illustration of National Health Plans and Health Systems Circular animation illustrating three types of Health Systems: Commercial (ASO and Fully-Insured), Medicare and Medicaid. MEDICARE COMMERCIAL MEDICAID ASO & Fully-Insured
I’m so very grateful for the Livongo Team. When my numbers are high they direct me in the right direction to help me get my numbers where they should be. Thank you all who help me live better and longer. LIVONGO MEMBER, 2ND LARGEST HEALTH PLAN
I couldn’t afford to test nearly as much as I do now with Livongo. I feel a peace of mind knowing I don’t feel guilty for spending money to test as much as I need. I absolutely love my Livongo and my doctor calls it the Cadillac of the meters they see. LIVONGO MEMBER, BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD

Launch Quickly Anytime in Just 3 Steps

Our Client Implementation Manager dedicated to you will deploy Livongo in only a few weeks with our proven 3 step process.

Launch Step 1 Animated bar, showing Launch Step 1 - Population Identification PopulationIdentification 1

Livongo collaborates with you to identify your population with diabetes by using eligibility files, medical claims or biometric data.

Launch Step 2 Animated bar, showing Launch Step 2 - Insurance Verification Insurance Verification 2

We leverage industry best practices, and partner with your pharmacy benefit managers and payers to verify eligibility through real-time EDI 270/271 transactions.

Launch Step 3 Animated bar, showing Launch Step 3 - Marketing and Enrollment Marketing & Enrollment 3

We deliver a turnkey communications strategy to enroll and activate members that leverages our best practices across communication channels.


Billing can be claims-based or via invoice. Our per participant per month pricing ensures you are only billed for members enrolled in Livongo.

Infrastructure Integration

We expertly fit Livongo into your health plan to ensure a seamless member experience.



Our meter notifies our coaches when a member’s blood sugar readings indicate a potentially critical event so we can provide targeted support.


We assess the impact of our program on diabetes clinical outcomes and on total diabetes and medical costs.

CARE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM Illustration Circular chart animation, illustrating 5 parts of care management program: real-time intervention, comprehensive reporting, strategic alliances, technical integration.


Livongo connects with your clinical coaches, physician, nurses, and provider networks.


Livongo has long-standing alliances with Cerner, and top benefits advisors like Mercer and Willis Towers Watson.


We deliver secure data and health reports on your population using industry standard APIs, platform integration services to EMR’s and EHR’s, or custom complex data exchange systems.

Livongo is Certified, Cleared, and Accredited

510(k) Clearance

U.S Food and Drug Administration

Certified Durable Medical Equipment Provider

Accreditation Commission for Health Care

Accredited National Provider ID

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Cerner CareAware VALIDATED
Cerner Certified

American Supplier of Health Information Technology (HIT) Solutions, Services, Devices and Hardware

First Accredited Virtual Program

American Association of Diabetes Educators

Certified Quality Management System

International Organization for Standardization

SOC 2 Certified

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

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