Livongo launches voice-enabled cellular blood pressure monitoring system

Mass Device featured Livongo’s official launch of the Applied Health Signals category and innovative product announcements.

October 30, 2018 by Sarah Faulkner

Livongo said today that it launched its Applied Health Signals platform, which seeks to provide meaningful feedback to people living with chronic conditions using novel digital tools and artificial intelligence.

As part of its newly-launched platform, the company developed a voice-enabled, at-home cellular blood pressure monitoring system and said it would provide eligible members with co-pay waivers for medications, in an effort to encourage users to cultivate healthy behaviors.

“It’s exciting to introduce products that change the way people think about and experience chronic conditions. We did that in diabetes, with unlimited free strips, cellular-connected meters, insights and care accessible 24 hours a day anywhere, all of which made it easier for our members to stay healthy. Now we’re doing the same thing for hypertension,” chief product officer Amar Kendale said in prepared remarks. “By delivering blood pressure feedback in a new relevant way and by driving positive behavior change with medication incentives, we are reducing the confusion, complexity and cost of healthcare for our members. We are making healthcare less noisy and paving the way for meaningful and measurable change. That’s what Applied Health Signals is all about.”

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