Financial and Clinical Outcomes, High Member Satisfaction, and Easy Implementation

The Livongo Health Platform gives members the tools and support to manage their diabetes.


Financial and Clinical Results with High Member Satisfaction

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Financial and Clinical Outcomes

  • Up to $99 Estimated Cost Savings per Member per Month
  • Up to 4.2x Return on Investment
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Members Love their Experience

  • 88% of members have a positive experience with Livongo
  • 75% of members feel more confident about their diabetes management

Satisfied Clients

Watch how we have had a positive impact on both clients and members.

I think any large employer should absolutely look at Livongo. It’s innovative. It is different. It is impactful. SCOTT KIRSCHNER, DIRECTOR OF EMPLOYEE BENEFITS, IRON MOUNTAIN

The Livongo Health Platform is Easy to Implement

Organizations that launch the Livongo for Diabetes Program have access to client services and integration options to enable initial and ongoing success.

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All a client needs to do to get started is identify the population, provide basic information, and sign off on a member launch plan.

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Member Communication

We deliver a turnkey communication strategy and tactics to activate members and provide ongoing member support.

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Care Coordination

We share member data through a clinical website to better
enable care.

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We provide program APIs and are capable of custom, complex integration to exchange data.


Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluating

We deliver reports to monitor the program’s effectiveness and showcase short-term and long-term health adjustments.

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Member Engagement

We provide reporting on enrollment, usage,
and member satisfaction.

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Clinical Impact

We assess diabetes control and the impact on our clients’ total diabetes costs and total medical costs.

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