A completely new approach to diabetes management.

The Livongo Program gives members the tools
and support to manage their diabetes.


Not Your Standard Meter

The Livongo connected meter is designed with features to simplify
living with diabetes.

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  • Connected Meter

    Automatically upload blood glucose readings and access them online.

  • Personalized Insights

    Provides real time tips based on blood glucose data

  • Seamless Sharing

    Notify your social support system when readings are out of range

  • Add Context to Readings

    Quickly add info to better understand the context of a reading

More than just a number.

Your meter is connected and automatically uploads your blood glucose readings, making them accessible online and making log books a thing of the past.

Tips just for you.

After each reading, you receive a real-time personalized message that provides you information to help manage your diabetes effectively.

Keeping loved ones in the loop.

Choose to notify loved ones by text or email when blood glucose readings are out of target range.

Making sense of your readings.

Add the context of what you’ve eaten and how you feel to better understand your readings when you review them.


Coaching Anytime and Anywhere

You select the coaching method that works best for you

  • Support from Certified
    Diabetes Educators

    24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Mobile App

    Personalized insights on your blood glucose readings.

  • Secure Website

    Trends and graphs about your blood glucose readings.

Real time support from coaches.

You can communicate with a coach by phone, email, text, or mobile app. All of our coaches are Certified Diabetes Educators who can answer diabetes questions ranging from nutrition to lifestyle changes.

Insights from our mobile app.

On our mobile app, you can view your readings, get daily insights, and send messages directly to coaches.

Data insights on our secure website.

On our secure website, you can see your blood glucose readings and get key trends to make better decisions about your diabetes management.


Unlimited Strips

Membership includes unlimited strips and lancets. There are no hidden costs or co-pays. When you
are about to run out, we ship more supplies,
right to your door.

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