Every Member has a Different Story and Deserves a Different Journey

Livongo - Program

Evaluating real-time data and patterns, we personalize our members’ experiences to drive behavior change.

Data-Driven Insights and Unquestionable Convenience

  • Using artificial intelligence, our reinforcement learning algorithms deliver trends and actionable, customized insights to members.
    Most meters only provide a single blood sugar value and no feedback on ways to change behavior.
  • We give our members as many test strips as needed, when needed, delivered right to their door.
    Test strips are expensive and a hassle to get from the pharmacy. These are critical barriers to frequent testing.
  • By keeping members equipped with advanced interactive meter technology, we keep them on the cutting edge to support success.
    Livongo is the first and only blood glucose meter with over-the-air-updates.
Livongo Meter and App

We Create a Community
to Support Members

  • When readings are out of range, our Diabetes Response Specialists call or text in minutes providing 24/7 support.
    Hypoglycemia (severe low blood glucose readings) or hyperglycemia (severe high blood glucose readings) without immediate support can lead to significant health consequences and ER visits.
  • Our Certified Diabetes Educators are standing by to advise on nutrition, lifestyle and diabetes management.
    The annual time spent in a healthcare setting is 0.1%. The other 99.9% of that time is spent without a readily available clinician that knows you and has access to your data.
  • Livongo members can share blood sugar readings in real time with family, friends and physicians to alert when they’re out range.
    Loved ones and a clinical team are important as a social support system to keep a person with diabetes safe.
  • Anonymous and private community peer support provides motivation for success.11 - Diabetes Control With Reciprocal Peer Support Versus Nurse Care Management: A Randomized Trial, October 2010.
    Lack of social support leads to depression, anxiety, and reduced mental health. Studies show the positive health impact on HbA1c of peer-to-peer support.

A Frictionless Journey

The member experience is front and center in everything we do and starts with our Welcome Kit.

Livongo Welcome Kit

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