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Livongo - Program
We Support the Whole Person

We focus on pre-diabetes, diabetes, and high blood pressure, conditions where prevalence and costs continue to grow.

Cost of Various Medical Conditions Circular graph illustrating cost of various medical conditions: Diabetes, PreDiabetes, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, High Cholesterol, Asthma, Musculosceletal Pain. Cost of Diabetes: $327 Billion. Cost of High Blood Pressure: $131 Billion. Cost of PreDiabetes: $40 Billion. PREDIABETES DIABETES HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE ASTHMA COPD HIGH CHOLESTEROL MUSCULOSCELETAL PAIN OBESITY $ 327 BILLION Cost of Diabetes 1 $ 131 BILLION Cost of High Blood Pressure $ 40 BILLION Cost of PreDiabetes
1Costs associated with diabetes, including reduced productivity, were $327 billion in 2017 in the United States alone.
Behavior Change Leading
to Health Outcomes

Providing the right information and support —
exactly when it’s needed — helps members make important changes for their health.

We Motivate Action
  • We use advanced data science to prompt members to take action when it’s most likely to have clinical impact.
    Most other devices give members data without context on what it means or how to change their behavior.
  • We send targeted meter messages reminding members of relevant benefits to prevent gaps in care.
    Targeted meter messages showcase benefits to people who need them, at a time when they’re receptive.
  • We provide members as many test strips as they need, when they need them, delivered right to their door.
    Strips are expensive and a hassle to get from the pharmacy. They’re a critical barrier to frequent testing.
Livongo Meter, Hypertension Meter and App
We Make It Easy
  • When readings are out of range, our Diabetes Response Specialists call or text in minutes.
    Without immediate support, extremely low or high blood glucose readings can lead to significant health consequences and ER visits.
  • Coaches are standing by to advise on nutrition, lifestyle, diabetes, weight loss, and high blood pressure.
    On average, people spend less than 0.1% of their time each year in a healthcare setting. The other 99.9% is spent without a readily available clinician who can assess trends or share best practices.
  • Members can share health reports with doctors, and set custom alerts to automatically notify friends and family after an out-of-range reading.
    Loved ones and a clinical team are important as a social support system to keep a person with diabetes safe.

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